Using the instruction video's below you can learn how to use Spendle step by step. For questions or suggestions you can send an e-mail to The End-user license agreement and privacy policy apply to Spendle.


Install Spendle as a webapp on your PC.

Installation iPad

Install Spendle as webapp on your iPad.

Create your administration

Create a new administration and synchronize between devices using your Spendle account.

Create a PSD2 connection to your bank

Import your transactions and balances via a secured PSD2 bank connection from Klarna.

Import Excel of CSV files

Import Excel and CSV transaction files.

Add manual transactions

Add a new manual transaction to your administration.

Assign categories manually

Assign a category and relation to your transaction manually.

Assign categories automatically

Assign a category and relation to your transaction automatically.

Add attachments

See how to add a reciept, invoice or any other document toe and assign it to a relation or transaction.

Add a new account

Add a new checking-, saving-, mortgage or debt account to your administration.

Assign account profiles

Group your different accounts in an account profile you can use to filter your data.

Create and track your budget

Assign a budget to a category based on historic pattern. Choose a daily, monthly of yearly positioning strategy and track your progress via accurate prognosis information.

Split transactions

Split a transaction into multiple categories .

Search and filter

See how you can search and filter your transactions.

Create transaction selections

Select one or more transactions, sum it up, create a report, export them to a CSV file or update the transaction information all at once.

Create reports

See how to create spending, budget, transaction, cashflow and more rapports and update them to best fit your information needs.

Synchronize between PC and mobile

See how you can synchronize your administration between all your devices seamlessly using your Spendle account.