Install and evaluate Spendle 15 days for free.
After the evaluation period you can continue using Spendle for € 20 per year (max 4 coupled PSD2 accounts).
The End-user license agreement and privacy policy apply for using Spendle.

Install Spendle Install webapp
Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

Installation step by step

  1. Open the Spendle website with an updated version of Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox browser
  2. Click on the "Install Spendle" button above
  3. The Spendle webapp will be opened
  4. Edge of Chrome: You will the question to install Spendle as a webapp. See video here
  5. Safari: Add the page to your startscreen. See video here
  6. Firefox: It is not possible to install Spendle as a webapp. You can use Spendle in your normal browser window.
Spendle is a webapp which can also be be used in a normal browser window without installing it as a Progressive Webapp.

Download the full Spendle manual PDF here